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General Hosting Questions

Who will administer my account?
For the most part, you will. simplehosting provides the Cpanel web control panel, where you are able to setup/edit/manage email accounts, databases, sub-domains and other user end options.

Where can I get a domain name from?
You can register any domain name here.

What are the name servers for simplehosting accounts?
Primary Nameserver: NS1.SIMPLEHOSTING.CO.NZ
Primary Nameserver IP:
Secondary Nameserver: NS2.SIMPLEHOSTING.CO.NZ
Secondary Nameserver IP:

What are the mail servers?
POP Server:
SMTP Server: your ISP's SMTP sever is recommended or

How do I access my webmail?
Access your webmail at:

Can I start setting up my site before my domain propagates?
Yes. Simply login using your IP number instead of your domain name, i.e.

Can I view my site before my domain propagates?
Yes. Simply use your IP number and username instead of your domain name, i.e.

What directory do I put my files in?
When you FTP into your account you will see several directories, but you should put your files into the "public_html" directory. The "www" directory is a directory alias (similar to a shortcut on windows platforms) and will take to to the "public_html" directory anyway.

Can I upgrade my account?
Yes, simply contact simplehosting and we will make arrangements.

How do I setup a sub-domain?
Sub-domains can easily be setup in cPanel. Simply select "Add Sub-Domain" and follow the prompts.

How does a sub-domain work?
A sub-domain (i.e. is a tidy way of setting out different information on your website. When you setup a subdomain, a directory will be setup on your main server in the same name as the subdomain. When the sub-domain is requested, any information in the subdomain directory will be displayed. FTP accounts can also be setup for subdomains so that particular account may only access the information in the subdomain directory, and not the whole site.

How long will it take for my domain name to propagate?
Usually 24 hours. However it has been known to take as little as 12 hours or as long as 72 hours.

What does "propagate" mean in reference to domain names?
Propagation, refers to the period in which the DNS servers throughout the world are updated with the latest information.

Can I use Dreamweaver's FTP services with simplehosting?

Can I change my cPanel username/password?
You may change your password in cPanel, however to change your username please contact support.

How do I connect to a database?
To connect to your database use "localhost" as the server, and user names and passwords. To connect using PHP would look something like this:

$dB = mysql_connect ("localhost", "username", "password");
mysql_select_db ("databasename",$dB);

Can I use MySQLfront, MySQL Control Center and other third party MySQL clients to connect to my databases?
Yes, but first you must allow other servers to connect to the MySQL server by allowing "other server connections" in MySQL management (cPanel). Simply enter your IP or a wildcard (%) if you have a dynamic IP. PHPmyAdmin is a web based database management built into cPanel and is available to all customers.

How do I use Server Side Includes?
Firstly the file must have the extension .shtml, then simply use this code within your .shtml file:

<!--#include file="filename.ext"-->

or if you are using PHP (your file must have a .php extension):

include "filename.ext";

How often does Simple Hosting backup my site?
Daily, to a mirrored hard-drive. However, this backup is NOT guaranteed so remember to back your website and databases regularly!

How can I find out more about the version of PHP available on simplehosting?
Go to:

How Long will it take for my support request to be answered?
simplehosting will endevour to have your support request fully resolved within 12 hours. On weekends, public holidays, or if the nature of the request is quite complex, this may take longer.



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If you cannot find the answers you are looking for and would like technical or customer support please lodge a Support Ticket and one of our technical team will get back to you.

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