About Us

simplehosting started off small, delivering reliable website hosting to its design clients. As our client base grew so did the requirements of our servers. From this modest start grew simplehosting. Committed to providing reliable, feature packed hosting solutions to all New Zealanders.

Our Network

The EV1 network consists of multiple connections to the main international internet backbone utilizing eight different providers which maximizes uptime, reliability, and speed.

simplehosting uses only top-of-the-line DELL Dual XEON based servers. Each server has SCSI hard drives and at least 2GB of system memory., Our hardware is chosen specifically for its reliability and interoperability with Red HatEnterprise Linux, our preferred high-performance, open-source Unix operating system.

With 9.6ghz of processing power, your website will run at lighting fast speeds.

Data Centre

All of our servers are located in a State-of-the-art Network Operating Centre. The data centre offer us complete redundancy through multiple GigE, OC3 and DS3 lines with total bandwidth over 13000 Mbit/s (thats alot).

Each server is protected by a uninterruptible power supply system. In the rare case of a power outage, auto-start generators will take over and supply all necessary power to the servers. This system assures your website is always up and running, regardless of power conditions

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